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Ieromonk Ghelasie Gheorghe: "Man and Woman" (translation from Romanian by Alice Butnar)

IMAGE of the SON of GOD,
Creates from Its “RIB-NATURE”
A Certain Image of my Soul,
An Image of Created Being.

And if the Image of the SON of GOD
Stands afore,
The Image of Adam-Man is Born,
And if the Image of Creation stands afore,
The Image of Eve-Woman is Born.

Thus we have both a DIVINE Image and an Image of Creation
That are the Arche-Images of our Being,
Which then Configure us
As Centres of Personality,
Man and Woman standing equal.

Love is the Image of the Icon in Itself,
The Icon of God the Father for His Son
Through the Holy Spirit, Love also for His Son.

DIVINE Life is in the Love of God the Father for the Son,
Both the Heart of the Son and of the Holy Spirit are Beating with the Heart of the Father,
And the Icon of the Father’s Love is their One and Only Icon.

Creation Life is in the Mother’s Heart for the Son as well,
The Mother’s Heart being Likeness of the Father’s Heart,
Prostration that keeps Ascending and Descending endlessly...

Adam is the Image over the Image of Creation,
For Eve is coming forth from his rib, as the Child of Adam’s Heart,
Thus Eve has in her Heart Adam’s Rib-Child.

Adam does not celebrate a wedding of pleasure with Eve,
From the Image of the Father, Adam is offering his Son as a Gift
And Eve receives the Son in her Heart through Adam.

The Joy of Adam and Eve’s Meeting is not simply a pleasure,
It is the Sacerdotal Ritual of the Son’s Descent into Body,
Through Adam, the Priest, the Son-Eucharist is Born in Eve, the Church.

Through the Son-Eucharist, Adam and Eve Meet as Communion,
They do not each absorb into their singular Heart,
Which would mean the very killing of Eucharist-the Son.

Adam is the Priest who has in Himself the Power-Seed of the Eucharist,
And Eve is the Church-Chalice, the Heart Altar of the Eucharistic Son,
Both Adam and Eve Serve Together the Incarnation of the Eucharistic Son.

Adam is not “Eve’s Man”, but the Priest – the direct Image of God,
And Eve is not Adam’s “woman”, but the Church of God’s Incarnation,
They do not indulge in pleasure, but perform the Liturgy of the Son’s Eucharist.

This is why, after the fall from Heaven, Adam falls from Priesthood
And Eve falls from the Image of Icon-Church,
And their Service becomes a desecrate game without the Eucharistic Son, Who is forgotten.

Poor Adam, from Priest he becomes a theatre actor,
While Eve becomes a witch that steals Adam’s Priesthood,
For she declares herself the priestess of a magic that stabs the Eucharistic Child.

Horrible transformation of the Divine Liturgy into the killing of the Son!...
When Eve is the priestess, Adam’s very Life is sacrificed,
Adam’s Son is killed, while the blood is thrown away as garbage.

Thus after the fall, the Great Priest Christ Comes
To re-establish the true Priesthood, that is the Sign of the Son,
At the same time re-establishing the true Church, the Icon of the Mother of God.

With the Restoration of the Church, as the Icon of the Mother of God,
The witchcraft of the magic priestess is abolished,
And the true Eucharistic Liturgy through Christ the Risen – is celebrated.

Christ’s Liturgy is no longer a Bloody Sacrifice,
Eve no longer kills the Son of God,
But the Son of God Resurrects the very Mother of the Church.

If Eve has the Fate of Bearing the Son of God,
And the fall turns her into the killer of this Fate,
The Son of God Himself Comes to give Eve a new birth, as the Mother of God.

“Mother of God, You bring on the Restoration of Creation,
Through Christ’s Incarnation You have become the Heavenly Mother – the Church,
And through the Church, Creation is Reborn to eternal Life!”

“Mother of God, You have Reborn the lost Icon-Image,
You have Reborn the Church of the Son of God,
I Worship Your Icon, for You Truly carry God in Your Arms.”

Woman, you are the Church of Adam’s Priesthood,
The Fate of the Incarnation of the Son of God through Adam,
Do not be the killer of your own Church, of God and of Adam,
Woman, do not kill Adam’s Priesthood by your witchcraft,
Adam, do not kill Eve’s Church by your desecration,
You should both be the Church and the Priesthood of the Son’s Incarnation!

The Fulfillment of woman’s Love is not man, but the Son,
And the fulfillment of man’s Love is also the Son.
The “void” of the Son brings about only killing and dissoluteness.

The Fulfillment of Creation is God’s Love
While in the “void” of God’s Love arises only hatred-negation,
In the “void” of God Creation destroys itself.

Published in the volume "Hesychasm", Platytera Publishing House, Bucharest, 2007, pp. 106-111. Translation from Romanian: Alice Butnar.

Copyright: Platytera Publishing House.

The Romanian (Original) Version can be found here.
The German Version can be found here.

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